Customer Comments

Christine T.


Dear Madam/Sir,
Thank you for quick delivery of beautiful vigil lamp and bracket (and oil floats and extra cup).
Am very pleased.
Best wishes and all well,
Christine T.

Arthus Tz.


Hi Team,
Shipment received in good order and condition I’m surprise of the prompt delivery Thank you.
Arthur Tzintzis
Item Purchased:
Glass Lamp for Parafinn Oil Hexagon Base 1000ml

Susan Ts.


I wanted to Thank you Mr.Panagiotis Nioras, the Baby Cross arrived Saturday June 1 ... beautiful.

Best regards
Susan Ts.

Andre C.


Greetings from Montreal !
Dear Mr. Panagiotis,
I received the package of Ethiopian Frankincense yesterday. The quality is very good. I’m giving most part to the church, and I’m sure that the parish priest will be very pleased.
Thank you very much for the gift of charcoal to burn the incense. Thank you for your kindness.
Have a wonderful Weekend.
Best wishes and God bless you always,
Andre C.

Mr.George T.


Dear Mr . Nioras , I have received all the items i ordered . Thank you very much for your high quality items and service . God bless you and Happy Easter from Australia !

Mrs Pat


Order has arrived in excellent condition
and in plenty of time for Christmas.

Love the icons and the cross - thank you so much.

May peace and joy fill this joyous time of the year.



Good day,
Just wanted to let you know I have received all items today and wanted to thank you,
the Icon was beautifully made and other items were fantastic as well,
also thank you very much for the free 2018 calendar
Best regards

Mother Alexandra


Dear Mr Nioras,
The package arrived this afternoon in perfect condition.
Thank you very much! in Christ,
Mother Alexandra

Kim in Maryland


"It's a joy when order came, carefully pack, with beautiful icons, velvet ... and incenses from Athos.
Kim in Maryland'

Maria S.


Hi Panagiotis,
I hope you are well.
Here is a picture of Nick (not so great of the tsarouhia shoes but beautiful of him) that I wanted to share from Festival.
Thank you again for your help with these, they were perfect.

Faythe O.


I just wanted to tell you I received my holy water jar and it is beautiful.
It arrived all intact.
Thank you very much I am a very happy customer

Anastasia P.


Hi just letting you know i have received the order and thank you so much..they are awesome...



Reciving today my package with two marvelous calendars, and a incense burner as well as The Megali Evdomada book. Thanks for this quick ship. As usual products are perfect and high quality. ο Θεός να σε ευλογεί

Father M.


Dear Mr Nioras I've received the beautiful chalice set ! Thank you and God bless you and your company for the work you are doing. Also, thank you for the lovely incense which you included in the package. I really appreciate it. Again, the chalice set is beautiful ! God Bless Father M.

Dr. Thaddeus A.SCh.


Dear Mr Panagiotis
The icons I ordered were just delivered in good condition.
The are beautiful and the right incentive to pray and praise God: " Μεγαλυνθήτω ὁ κύριος ".
Thank you very much, and may it be to your dedication, " τὰ ἔργα τῶν χειρῶν ἡμῶν κατεύθυνον ἐφ᾽ ἡμᾶς. "
Dr. Thaddeus A. Sch..

Heather S


Good Evening from Salt Lake City. thank You so much for finding and sending the shoes for my son. I was on vacation when they arrived so was not able to respond with my thanks. I am passing on your website information to all the Greek dance teachers here in Salt Lake City. Sincerely Heather S

Nicholas N.


Hi Nioras,

I was just letting you know, and I know this is WAY overdue, that my flags I ordered a while back came in VERY quickly and on a Tuesday after I had ordered them so the extra help you provided was very much appreciated. They were used as decoration for Greek fest in addition to some we already had, and they made things look even better and very festive, so I was extremely pleased!!!! Thank you so much, and I will attach a picture for your viewing pleasure below!



Good Evening Panagiotis Nioras,

The Icon of St. Sophia has arrived and is as beautiful as you predicted.
I would like to thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience purchasing the Icon of St. Sophia.
The craftsmanship and attention to detail are truly fantastic.
Thank You and God Bless.



Here is a picture a client of ours from the United States has sent us of a prosforo he has made using our 7660-40 Prosfora Seal From Mount Athos.
Prosforo with Seal



I received today the anteri, that I ordered from You last week. The anteri looks good and fits well, and I would like to thank You for Your fast and friendly service! I will certainly recommend Your service to my friends here in Finland.
I wish success for Your bussiness and all the best for You and Your family! And for the approaching feast of our Lord:

Χριστός γεννάται, δοξάσατε!



Dear Nioras Team
Thanks for all
The incense is great
God bless you
Kind Regards



Dear Mr. Nioras,
many thanks for the wonderful prosphora icon and drapery.
Both arrived in excellent condition.


Fr.Christopher W.


Dear Panagiotis Nioras
the exorasson arrived at the weekend.
In time for the occasion today.
It is very good indeed
Thank you for all the help

Father A.M.


Ladies and Gentlemen,
The icon has arrived in Germany. Thank you. The icon is beautiful.
Pastor A.M.



I received the St. Stylianos icon today.
It is beautiful.
Thank you very much.

Father B.


Dear Panagiotis,

Just to let you know that the two Byzantine Icons arrived safely and are very beautiful.
Some people have asked me about the source of the Icons and I will pass on your name. Many thanks Bro. Barry



Dear Mr. Nioras,

Saturday we baptized my great nephew and I presented the wonderful icon. My niece was so pleased and thanked me a lot because of the beautiful icon.
So I want to thank you that you made this for me and for this good price.
Many thanks and if I have some money for a handpainted icon of my patron saint St. John the Russian I will come and ask you again for help.

Many good wishes,



Dear Mr. Panagioti Nioras
, just to let you know that the package arrived today with your beautiful merchandise, and to thank you very much for the rolls of charcoal and the beautiful thongs for the charcoal;
you are truly kind and thoughtful,
thank you again!
Sincere regards,
Fr. Rade



hello from Canada
i have received the wedding crowns i love tham .
thank you so much ..

God Bless you

Mrs Carmel


Good Day
My icon has just arrived and it is out of this world.
I have never before seen anything so beautiful in all my life.
You really did a great job for me and I have to thank you sincerely.

Best wishes and looking forward to doing business with you in the future.
Thank you so much,

Mrs Steven G.


Panagiotis Nioras,
Thank you very much for the speedy shipping of the costumes. They arrived quicker than I expected. It is refreshing to do business with honest people who keep their promises.
Xristos Anesti,
Telis G.

Mr Fabio V.


The incense is really excellent. A divine fragrance, the scent of God, the smell of our prayer that rises to Him This is one of the few online stores where you can find people truly helpful and kind. Shipping is very fast!
I will buy again from this website.
Thanks Mr.Nioras!



Dear Mr. Panagiotis,
the package arrived today, in fine shape. Thank you so much for the gift of the charcoal and beautiful calendar of the Holy Places - that is so kind of you.
Until my next order, I thank you again and wish you a peaceful and healthful remainder of the Great Fast!

Mrs Elie W.


I just received the parcel today... thank you for sending it out so quickly.

Father Alan Tr.


Dear Friends at Nioras,

I received the hanging electric oil lamp and am very happy with it.
Thank you for your excellent service. I look forward to doing more business with you! In the meantime I return your wonderful wish for a Blessed Easter to you, your staff and families!
Truly yours, Father Alan Tr.

Mrs Millena


I just wanted to express how very pleased i am with my order.
I ordered a censor for my 14 yr old son who for 11 years now (since he was 3yrs old) has insisted that he wants to become an orthodox priest. the censor is beautiful and my son could not be happier with it.
he has been searching for this exact censor for over a year, and now he finally has it.
thank you so much.
god bless

Mrs Mihaela


Thank you very much,
I received the order today.
The stamp is wonderfull!
Thank you!
Doamne ajuta! Mihaela



Dear to Christ Panagiotis:
Glory to Jesus Christ!
My order, "The Divine Liturgy Explained," arrived safely today. Thank you for your assistance in obtaining this book.
In addition, thank you for your sample of incense; I look forward to using it this coming Sunday.
May you have a fruitful Great Lent and a blessed Pascha.
In His Service,
Father Raphael +

Mrs Mihaela B.


Thank you, I receive my order today,
God bless you.
Doamne ajuta!

Mrs Betty K.


Thankyou , I have received the children robes, very beautiful!
Thanks again
Betty K.

Dr.Guntram M.


Dear Mr. Nioras,

for a second time I only can realize: Niorasᄡ Icons are the best in internet!
Saint Ephrem the newly-appeared and Anastasios the Perse (Saint of Speyer, Germany,
his head is in the Emperorsᄡ Cathedral!) are top-icons.
The archangels Michael and Gabriel in traditional (=italian, roman-catholic) With my best wishes
Dr. Guntram M.

Mrs Monika M.


Good Morning,
the parcel arrived.
Many thanks for such a excellent dikeri/trikeri set.

Yours sincerely
Monika M.

Presbytera Rachel


We recieved the book and it is in great condition. Thank you so much:)!
In Christ,
Presbytera Rachel

Schassa K.


Kalimera Taki !!!

The incense is veryvery good, awesome.
I'm very excited about it.
Especially the Xeirouvim is thavmasia !!!!!!!

Mrs Alexandra Gloria And.


Dear Mr. Nioras,
We received our package today. Everything arrived just as we ordered. Thank you for the additional and generous item enclosed. The incense has a beautiful scent and will be used during morning and evening prayers.
We will continue to check on your web site for additional items needed by our parish and home.
In Christ, Holy Cross Orthodox Church Yakima, WA 98902

Mr.Yavik M.


Mr. Nioras,

I received the Panagias a few days ago, and I am VERY pleased, they look fantastic!
The only thing I was disappointed with were the cases. I was expecting the molded cases for the Panagias; but this is not a big issue.
Shall be doing more business with you in the future,
Love in Christ,

Mrs Aikaterina H.


Mr. Nioras,

Just a message to ask you to DISREGARD the e-mail below since I did receive the Icons today,
October 23rd - Δοξα τω Θεω!!
Thank you and also thank you for the Calendar Αγιολογιον I found in my package.
That was very good indeed of you.
I wanted to ask you when will the Αγιολογιον for 2011 will be ready and available for me to order.

Thank you again,
May God bless you, Aikaterini (Katie) H.



Good day Panagiotis Nioras,
Today, I got the icon and the candle stand you sent me. Thank you.
I am very happy with the icon.
It looks very good. I will sure, recommended yours shop to any one.
Thank you for the gift, the nice our orthodox calendar. Certainly, I will live the comment on your web site as well.

Best regards,

Mrs Eleni K.


Mr. Nioras,
we received the packages this week and they are exapterigon sets beautiful!
It is a pleasure doing business with you.
We will be back as we determine other items needed for our new church.
Sas efxaristoume para poli!
Eleni K.

Mr.Gerhard S.


Thank you, I have got the parcel with our icons yesterday.
Many thanks, efcharesto
Gerhard S.

Mrs Katie H.


Dear Mr. Nioras,
Ελαβα σημερα την παραγγελια μου και ηθελα να σας ευχαριστησω απο καρδιας.
Η εξυπηρετησις αψογη, η συσκευασια τελεια και η ταχυτης παραλαβης απιστευτη. Ισως θα επρεπε να δωσετε μαθηματα καλης εξυπηρετησεως πελατων σε αλλους εμπορους.......
Σας ευχαριστω παρα πολυ και ειμαι σιγουρη πως πολυ συντομα θα ξανα επισκεφθω το καταστημα σας ειτε μεσω υπολογιστου, η με τη βοηθεια του Θεου αυτοπροσωπως στην Αθηνα.
Ο Θεος να εχη καλα εσας και τους οικειους σας. Φιλικα, Αικατερινη Κ. Katie A.

Fr. Peter Tomas


Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Mr. Nioras,
I hope you still remember me. The chandelier and the Bishop's chair and all the vessels that we received from your store are very much adored and loved by my parishioners.

In my last email I promised to send you some pictures of all the items, as they look in the church. It just cross my mind that I never sent you those pictures. Therefore, I would like to fulfill my promise and I am sending you those pictures now. Here are 6 pictures from my Church of St. Anne Ukrainian Byzantine Church:

I remain respectfully yours,
Fr. Peter Tomas
St. Anne Ukrainian Byzantine Church 1 St. Anne Ukrainian Byzantine Church 2 St. Anne Ukrainian Byzantine Church 3 St. Anne Ukrainian Byzantine Church 4 St. Anne Ukrainian Byzantine Church 5 St. Anne Ukrainian Byzantine Church 6



Dear Mr. Nioras,
I received the wedding crowns,and they are even more beautiful than pictured in your catalogue.
During the years I have been doing business with your store, I have never been disappointed.
The very high quality of the items you offer, coupled with reasonable prices, are most welcomed in a small parish with limited funds, and your prompt communication and regular updates are especially appreciated.

May God continue to bless you and yours.
Father Dennis

Father William


Glory to God!
I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you and your employees did with creating such a wonderful Chalice set. Seeing the set brought so much tears to our eyes.
We had our Bishop bless it and use it.
I will send you pictures
with love,
Subdeacon William

Mrs Diana


Dear Mr. Nioras,
I received my oil lamp and I am very happy with it. Thank you so much for the prompt shipping and the wonderful workmanship.
I am enjoying in. I really wish it came in a larger size, do you know if one is available.
Thank you again,

Mrs Faye E.


Panagiotis, Ευχαριστώ.
I received the icon today with no problems. I appreciate doing business with you and hope to buy more icons in the future

Subdeacon W.M.


Glory be to Jesus Christ!

I would like to thank you Mr.Panagiotis Nioras.
I received my Cross in PERFECT condition.
God Bless

Mr Ablerto B.


Dear Panagiotis Nioras
My friend Father Gabriel has received the sticharion this morning.
He is very satisfied with it, everything is perfect, size, colour, fabric...

He charged me to bring to you his personal thanks for this work, for the quality of your products and your kindness.
Yours sincerely,
alberto b.

Monk Damadcene


Dear Kir Panaghiotis
Evharisto polly for your kindness.
You are indeed God's man and do God's work so I pray God to multiply thousandfold His grace toward all that pertains to you and all who surround you.I noticed your 'spiritual magnetism' from the very entry to your site.Building Heaven on earth does not any longer seem to me an impossible thing.
I entrust you to Her whose name you bear.
Yours sincerely
Damascene (my monk's name)

Mrs Effie N.


Received my order its beautiful
Thank Your store for the wonderful service I got it fast and brilliant items.

Kind Regards Effie
God Bless and take care



Submit it successfully,
thank you very much for your service,
I am satisfied with the Kalimaphi,
God bless you.

Mrs Marylène


Good day,

I HAVE RECEIVED IT TODAY !! So happy!! So beautifull !

How to thank you...
Very sorry for all...
I paid you back, of course...
Thanks again!



I would like to advise you that we have received all goods.
all come in good order and we are very happy with quality.
Also one my frien like to buy same gospel as we bought and he like to give as donation for church in Serbian.
may you send that in Serbia.
Fr. Sasa

Father Humberto


Dear friend,
yes the adress is correct!
I`m yet recive the incense, is wonderfull!

Thank you and God bless your work!
Father Humberto

Sirpa H.


Iᄡm so happy about your excellent speed in delivering my order,
it arrived really in very good time!
Now I have things to my customers, they are allready waiting them!

Mrs Constance Cl.


Dear Panagiotis:
Greetings to you from the United States. I have good news.
I was informed that the shipment arrived in Ohio today after clearing customs. I am traveling on business this week and out of town but the shipping company in Dayton is storing it for me till I return next week. I will let you know when I receive the shipment into my possession.
Thank you for all your help and assistance and professionalism. I pray many blessings upon your business and family.
Warm regards, C. Cl.

Florin P.


Dear Mr Panagiotis,

I have received today the tabernacle.
It is absolutely amazing, superb and a rare piece of art !!!
I am so much impressed and I am very satisfied !
The plexi piece is greatly done, it looks and fits very nicelly. Thank you again and God bless you !

We will keep in touch and should I have some more items in future, I will let you know. I will also make excellent recommendations to anyone who might be interested in such items.
For your information the tabernacle will be at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox chruch in Toronto.
Many thanks again and I am glad for our great collaboration !
With friendship and respect,

D.Alessandro An.


So much, my dear friend.
I have received the wonderful icon of Mary last week and I wanted to thank you so much:
it is really the moving icon I expected!
We have already put it in the place we had prepared for and so, each time we pray in front of her, we remind you and your family!
Hope to meet you again and really once again thank you!



Hello Mr Nioras,
Wanted to inform you that the crosses have arrived and everything is to my satisfaction. =)
Thank you very much for the good service. I will let you know when I would like some more.
May God bless your work and strengthen and protect you

Fr. Gregory


Dear Panagiotis,
Warm greetings in Christ!!
It arrived yesterday during Liturgy, it is beautiful- never expected it to be so beautiful- this time you made it very very nice.
Thank you. The Abbot will give me the blessing to order a few more things from you soon.

God Bless and Peace be with you!!

Mr Adams K


My order arrived today!.
I have been checking out my order status and could not believe my eyes today when my order arrived.
I am very happy with your products from web site and can not wait to order from you again soon.
You have a wonderful, professional and efficient business.
Once again, thank you so much,

Fr.Nickolas P.


Dear Panagiotis Nioras,
I wanted to inform you the cross I ordered arrived today, August 27th, at 11am.
In addition to being very pleased to receive the Cross, I am very impressed with the workmanship and the beauty of the pectoral cross.
Prior to ordering from you, I did extensive research on the Internet for liturgical pectoral crosses for Orthodox priests.
Based upon the pricing, the attractiveness of your products and the ease of ordering, I chose to order from you.
I will recommend you to my friends and coworkers.

I look forward to doing additional business with you soon.
Fr. Nicholas
St. Dionysios Greek Orthodox Church

Mrs Olga De.


Dear Panagiotis Nioras!
Yesterday I got my Oil Lamp and now I can see it in real and touch with my hands!
It looks adorable,
exactly what I needed to warm up my Icon corner. I was also impressed how fast delivery was...
Many Thanks and God Bless You!

Father Nektarios


Euloyia Kupiou

Dear Panayiotis Nioras,
How have you been? Good i hope.
To answer your question, i am good, and yes i have finished the Church.
Once again i want to thank you for everything you have done in helping me finish my Church.
You provided beautiful spiritual items that gave our Church the Blessed finishing touch.

I have tried to send you some photos of the church but it would not let me attach the photos to this email. I will try again to send you some photos of the Church.
I am going to email you and place a small order for some more Icons in the next few days.

Father Nektarios...Australia

Mr.Ron M.


Dear Mr.Nioras
We received the icons yesterday.
We are so happy to have these rare saints icons in our icon corner for our children whose names they bear.
Thank you so much for the quick delivery and all.
In Christ,

Monastery Tampere


Dear Mr Nioras
We have received your delivery yesterday 23.6.09, thank you very much!
Iᄡm very pleased with the items, everything was just fine.

Our customers are pleased too, as I have sold several items allready.
On 15th november we celebrate the 110. annual of our church in Tampere (attached picture), and maybe we have to make one more order in the beginning of october!

My very best regards, have a nice summer,
Yours sincerely,

Mr.Chris M.


I got the package today. Thank you so much. The bracelets look beautiful.
I'll make sure I tell people about your store.
Thank You,

Mrs Valerie K.


I'm looking forward to receiving these icons for baptismal gifts.
Every icon I have received from you...
and there must be 40-50 over the years...
has been most beautiful and inspirational.
They are wonderful for personal devotion and for gifts... as they are always happily and delightedly received!
Thank you for offering this service for Christ and His Holy Church!
Valerie M.K.

Mrs Christine


Hi Dear Mr.Nioras
! I just wanted to Thank You! & let you know that I received my order today.
The Icons were perfect & so was your service & super fast shipping!
Thanks again.


Mrs Cor.N.


Dear Panagiotis Nioras,
We received our order with the Byzantine Flags yesterday.
The flags are very good, beautiful, wonderful !!!

Thank you very much !!

Peter Solej


Glory to Jesus Christ!
My dear friend Mr. Panagiotis:

With my great joy I dare to inform that today I had significant opportunity to welcome His Eminence The Most Reverend Despotis Jan, Archbishop of Presov, Head of Orthodox Church in Slovakia at my home and I presented Father Archbishop with very very nice panagia you made.

His Eminence was impressed and request me to interpret to you His archpastoral Blessing and warm greetings. I am enjoying for our next cooperation and I wish you all the best :-)

In Christ,
Archbishop of Presov

Mrs Lewis Ros.


Thank you for the black incense which arrived today.
Very Nice.
We will be using it in Church for Holy Week.
Once again, many thanks.

Peter Solej


Dear Panagiotis,

I am sending to you a photo from Sunday's Pilgrimage to one of Slovak shrines. You can see here His Grace Milan, Bishop of Kosice with the staff from your company. Bishop MIlan used it on Sunday for the first time. When I was presenting him with this gift last week, he was truly surprised and very happy. He also appreciated quality of your work.

Best wishes,
His Grace Milan, Bishop of Kosice

Father Peter


Dear Mr. Nioras,
your package arrived last Tuesday, February 17th. I wish to thank you very, very much for the gorgeous cross!!!
May God Bless you and your very skilled artist!
Sincerely in Christ,

Mrs. Tan. Anastasia


Dear Panagiotis,
We certainly received icons you sent us.
They are all beautiful.
We will give the icons to brothers and sisters baptized last month!



Dear Mr Nioras,
Yesterday the Gospel Book & antimension arrived without difficulty
Thank you for your help and consideration, as always.

Gab. H.


Thank you for delivering the athos floats.
They are coming today and it works perfectly.
I am very glad -

Yours sincerely

Fr. J.R.M


Beloved brother in Christ Panagiotis:
Him desire the best for you and its family in this new year 2009.
It had not had time to write him to give him the thanks by the I send of kamelafio new, that already I have utilized in diverse religious services in our Cathedral.

Mrs Marian.


Merry Christmas Panagioti,
Thank You for everything I did receive the calenders this morning.
Furthermore, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy and Safe New Year.
God Bless you all. Regards

Mr.Bruno C.


Dear Mr. Nioras,
please forget my request below, because few minutes ago I receive the goods.
You cannot immagine how happy I am !
You have to know that my mother's grand mother was greek (from Athens) and she used to prepare a cake called Vasiliopites (I don't know if this is the right spelling) and she decorated tha cake (but also the bread) with these wood stamps.
Unfortunately, most of the stamps that my mother's family had, were lost, and only my grand mother has now one very very old stamp.
I would like to keep this tradition, and I and my mother are very happy to have the wood stamps you sent me.
So, thank-you very much for your efficiency and for the quality of the goods.
Best regards Bruno Cassinelli

Mr. Eric


The Wooded Icon of St.Paul arrived today.
It looks even nicer than the image on the web site.
Lovely work indeed.
Thank you very much.

Father Ken


Yesterday my first order from Nioras arrived.
The Gospel Book, Chalice Set, and Blessing Cross are absolutely spectacular.
Each item is precisely as described and depicted on your website, with excellent workmanship and materials. Given the price we paid for these items (including the shipping cost), I feel confident in saying that we received an incredibly good value that I have yet to see matched by any other manufacturer/supplier of Orthodox liturgical items. When I asked questions, I received prompt, courteous, and informative email replies from Panagiotis Nioras both prior to and after placing my order, . The order arrived in a very timely fashion, and International UPS worked flawlessly in delivering a professionally wrapped and addressed package to my door. The contents arrived in perfect order, nicely wrapped, and -- what a joy -- with more beauty than anticipated. I will order from you again with confidence, and speak highly of you to my friends and associates.
Thank-you! Father Ken
Saint John the Baptist Orthodox Church
Rochester NY

Mrs Maria Limb.


Dear Mr.Nioras,
I wanted to let your know that my parcel arrived to day.
I am extremely impressed with your service and will definatley use your services again and reccomend your company.
Kind Regards

Maria Pits


Kalimera Panayioti
To elaba to pangari.
Sai euxariso para polli.
Einai polli oreao.

Stephen Goldsmith


Hi Panagiotis

I delivered your Lanterns & Fr Francis was over the moon & really happy with your work & he gave me 10 more very large Candle Sticks to polish & then was transferred, so I never saw him again until the Feast of St Jude on the 28th of October, that's when everything had to be completed.I was delayed because I needed Insurance approval for the extra work & in the end I had very little time left & completed the project on the 27th of October, so I delivered the Candle Sticks & the Shrine was more or less completed your Lanterns were in place but The architect even painted the candles white & they were nylon as he thought they looked better, you will see them in my photos before & after. They were slightly burnt from the fire & they were in the main part where it happened but all the candles matched & I thought that is how they were meant to be, I have only just been paid, which was tough as I had worked hard & paid out a lot of money but that is down to the Insurance Company. 
Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6
I have added pictures on the Web not on my Website as yet but there are pictures of my Family & also the restoration project at the Shrine of St Jude's

Very Kind Regards
Stephen Goldsmith

Mr Gregory Sp.


Indeed He is Risen !!!
Thank you!
I have given a portion of the Black incense that I purchased from you to our priest at ST. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Burr ridge, Illinois / United States. He was totally delighted and has burned it from last Sunday (Palm Sunday) and throughout Holy week till Paska this Sunday.

Mr. Jim Kouts.


Dear Mr. Nioras,
My Icons just arrived today 3/11/08. And they are beautiful.
Thank you so much.
Its's even more beautiful because they were made and shipped from Greece.

Delegado de Culto


Dear Mr. Panagiotis Nioras
May God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you peace and love with faith.
Thank you very much for the present sent to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pilar, from Mr. William Lee, from Malasia.
Η χάρη του Κυρίου Ιησού Χριστού και η αγάπη του Θεού και η κοινωνία του Αγίου Πνεύματος ας είναι μαζί με όλους σας.
Yours faithfully.
Julián Ruiz Martorell
Delegado de Culto

Fr. Joseph Ciarciaglino


Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Mr. Nioras,
It was my English text that we had so much trouble getting through customs. The Gospel book is very beautiful and we at St. Philip are very proud that God's word is so wonderfully bound. You can see it at our web site at You will also see the beautiful fans that we got from you also.

Thank you and God bless you.
Fr. Joseph Ciarciaglino 
St. Philip the Apostle Orthodox Church 1 St. Philip the Apostle Orthodox Church 2 St. Philip the Apostle Orthodox Church 3

Fr.Joseph S.


Good afternoon Mr Nioras.
This afternoon the Byzantine Crosses with St George arrived as well as the replacement silver base: all in fine condition.
We are so pleased!
I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the labour you did in searching for us and giving us the opportunity to purchase these Orthodox symbols.
Many, many thanks. We are still in the process of planning a new chapel and when we are ready, in the spring, I will try to have someone take a few photographs. I'm not sure, but μοναχός Severian says we might need a couple more things, so of course I'll be in touch. Best regards,
Fr Joseph & Brotherhood

Fr. Terrence


The chalice set arrived yesturday afternoon safe and sound.
It is truly beautiful. It is clear from just looking at the chalice and diskos that the artisans at Nioras take great care with their work. Thank you so much for all of your help in placing and tracking the order.
May God bless you in your ministry to the Church.
Fr. Terrence.

Mrs Petroula


Dear Mr.Nioras Panagiotis I just wanted to let you know that I received your package today with my blue crystal icons.
Thank you very, very much. I really love them and I am sure I will be getting lots of compliments on them when I give them away at my son's baptism.

Mr. L. L.


Dear Mr Nioras,
a few days ago I received the three wooden icons that I had ordered. They are beautiful, in good condition, and the package was safe und professional.
Thank you very much. I have already started to recommend you to colleagues and friends; and for sure I will make a new order soon! Best wishes,

Innsbruck / Austria

Fr.Joseph S.


Dear Nioras,
just today, I well received your "package" of Mr. William L. from Malasya...
I'd like to tell you that all is arrived well and on safe...Thank you very much for your kind service...
May God bless you!!!

-The Director
-fr. Joseph S.



Dear Panaghiotis,
Many beautiful blessings in our Lord, Jesus Christ!!

The Fathers and Brothers of the Monastery of the Three Saints would like to express our paternal blessings and love, joy as well prosperity in Christ for the New Year, 2008.
We look forward in our business friendship to the New Year!! Thank you for the VERY beautiful things we have bought from you in 2007 they are excellent quality, stylish and beautiful.
God bless!!
Yours most kindly in Christ with kind regards; The Abbot, and all the monks. Brotherhood of the Three Saints.

Mr.Athanasios Ts.


Mr. Panagiotis,
I apologize for being late with this email, but I wanted to make sure that our priest had the chance to see the cross before I write back to you - he was on a trip and returned back to town recently.

We are all extremely happy with the product and the service you provided. Thank you very much for all your emails, updates, and taking good care of our order. With your professionalism and attention to your customers you managed to turn a bad experience (we had this with another on-line vendor) to a great one. I can assure you that our church will come back to your store for our future ecclesiastical items needs.
We wish you and your family happy holidays, and all the best.

Mrs. Sofia Pits.


Dear Mr. Nioras,
I just received my order of the icon Panagia Pantanassa.
I am so thankful I was able to find this particular icon from your site.

It is beautiful and again Xilia Euxapistw.
Kales Giortes

Mr Andree Ch.


I have just received the engolpion you sent me, and I must say that I am very glad about it.
It is very nice and of extremely high quality.
I thank you very much for your kindness, your efficiency and your celerity.
Perhaps I will later on return to you for a new order.
Thank you again for all !
I am yours sincerely

Mr. Ben L.


Thank you Mr. Nioras,
The cross arrived safely to Finland already today. It is beautiful.
Is it the Greek royal crown that is on the cross or....? Also, what is the little thing hanging from the bottom of the cross?
The Icon was also superb.
Yours Ben L.

Fr. Marius Fl.


Dear Mr. Nioras,
I received today the pectoral cross and I was very delighted about it.
The only thing that I did not not before was its heigh. Unfortunately for me was a little too small, but for my college was enough, he liked it so much and also was verry delighted about it.

Mrs Dena H.


Dear Mr.Nioras
I just received my order, they are beautiful!!!!
Thank-you so much.

Demetrios Kat.


Mr panagiotis Nioras.
Hello from Demitrios Kat. From Australia Thank you for the goods I recieved today The cup 7802-10 Oil Glass Cup that you sent was very Beautiful the order was very much appreciated.
My family loved the vibrant colours.
I will add some comments on your web page shortly thank you.

Zenonas K.


Dear Panayioti,
I received my parcel yesterday. The Byzantine Icon is very beautiful, thank you very much. -- Kind Regards,

Mr.Phillip J.


Just a brief note to let you know that the items I ordered arrived safely recently.
Thank you for an excellent service, and best wishes

Mrs. Lara J.


Dear Mr. Nioras,
I can't believe it, but the package already arrived! The icon and oil lamp are both beautiful. Thank you very much for your efficient and courteous service. I look forward to ordering more items from you in the future.
Yours in Christ,



Mr Panayiotis
i have recieve today my prosfora seal and is great. its susch a good piece of work. Thanks very much for you excellent service and is really nice finding your store on line where we can buy anything it has to do with our greek calture. keep up the good work.
thank you very much

Father Huberto R.


Dear Mr. Nioras
Iᄡm recive today the pectoral cross, and that is very beautyfull. Thankᄡs for your atention in my request.
Your`s in Christ our Lord

Mr Lloyd


Dear Mr Nioras
My incense burner arrived today and its all we expected it to arrived unbroken and in excellent condition...Thank you so much for your kindness and taking the time to see that my order arrived...we love your on-line Orthodox Church supplies and will use it again...God Bless..Sincerely....Dick Lloyd

protodeacon Pavel


Order has been received today. Exqusite incense. Thanks Again. protodeacon Pavel Wolkow

Mr Sasho L.


Thank you very much Mr. Nioras.
It is a pleasure working with you. We've received the shipped items on time and in perfect condition. This was our third order from your store in the past six months, and God willing we plan to continue in the future with the same tempo.
Thanks again, Sasho L.



Christ is risen!
I am contacting you to let you know that the Church Cross we ordered(#422)arrived here today.I can not begin to tell you what happiness the Cross'es arrival brought to our small Church community.This coming Sunday it will be blessed and installed behind The Holy Table.The cross is more beautiful than we imagined.Thank you for the great service you provide for all the Orthodox communities around the world! God bless you.
+++ Fr. James

Mrs Lisa M.


dear panagiotis nioras,
I has just recently purchased icons and holy water bottles from your company. They are very beautiful and the quality is outstanding. Many family members and friends complimented your product and your service.
I would like to take the oppertunity to thank you and your company for being so great. thank you
lisa m.
united states of america
ps. christos anesti

Mr. John Sof.


Dear Panagiotis & Nioras team,
Thank you once again for providing such exceptional customer service. We received our religious items this morning and everything was perfect!
Thank you once again.
Kind regards

Sister Michaela-Jos.


Glory be to Jesus Christ!
Dear Mr Nioras,
thank you very much for the first parcel which arrived already last week. The cross is very beautiful and also the icon lamp. Thank you for the good work.
With prayers for a good Lenten Time

Mr. John Sof.


We received the correct item today. Thank you for providing excellent customer service.
We will recommend your on-line store to all our family and friends in Australia. Thank you once again.

Mr.Zenon K.


Dear Panayioty,
I wish you a very good morning.
I received both parcels now. The Icons are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen.
The Evangelia are extremely beautiful, the job done on it is very good especially the one you repaired for me. I would like to thank you very much for you good services and top quality.
Also thank you very much for the calender and books.

Mr.Nickolaos Tr.


Dear Mr. Nioras, I want to inform you that today, Monday, 12 February, the 3 icons of St. Mamas and the icon of St. Dorothea arrived safely....they were very well packed, and sustained NO damage of any kind. I wish to tell you how very, very pleased I am with the icons....they are beautiful..especially the one of St. Dorothea....I was having such a difficult time locating an icon of this saint, and I am sure I would have never found one without your gracious help! Thank you once again! I will most certainly recommend your company to all my friends and relatives for all their religious item needs.

Mr.John M.


Mr Panagiotis, Thank you the order of books you sent arrived in pefect condition.

Mr.Emanuel F.


Dear Panagiotis Nioras
I received the wicks and floats for oil candles. They are very nice. Thank you for your excellent service.

Mrs.Terresa R.


Dear Mr Nioras,
I received the church censer today, I am so pleased with it, I thankyou very much. Coming from greek background, I was always fascinated as a little girl going to church watching the priest with the censer. For years I have always wanted one, and then I came accross your shop, it brings back so many memories.
I wish you a very merry Xmas and happy new year.

Mrs.Mellisa M.


no need for the tracking number i requested, my package arrived this afternoon! The icon of doubting Thomas is absolutly beautiful. My fiance and i are new converts to orthodoxy as of last year, and this will be his first icon. Everytime i order something from your store it always arrives promptly and in good condition, and your customer service has been delightful. thank you so much for your wonderful service, and i look forward to doing more buisness with you in the future.

Mr. Kornelis


good morning,
the lampadas arrived yesterday in a good condition
thanks a lot



Dear Panagiotis,
I just received the articles. To tell you that I loved each and every one of them would be too little. The Byzantine incense, by the way, is something out of this world.
I will be placing more orders with you soon. Thanks for everything.
Apo ti Vrasilia,

Mr.Rene H.


Hello and good evening Mr.Nioras,
The goods arrived today. Everything is o.k. and in an excellent condition. The fast and safe delivery is worth to pay a higher price.
It is a pleasure to make business with you. Kindest Regards

Mrs.Valerie K.


Oh, Panagiotis!
The icon of the Good Shepherd arrived today. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!
All blessings!



Dear Mr. Nioras,
The anteri arrived yesterday and fits perfectly.
The anteri is of excellent qulity and well made.
Thank you very much!

Mr.Sascha K.


Kalimera Mr. Nioras
Thank you very much for this fast shippment of the goods I have ordered.I received it one hour ago.All things are in good condition!
Whenever I need things or become orders from parishes i will order from you ;-)
Have a nice day,best wishes from germany



Dear Mr. Nioras,
I got the shipment this morning! Everything is in the perfect condition! Thank you very much for the incense fragrances as a present, they are wonderful and so intensive!
Best whishes

Mr. Paul F. K.


Dear Mr. Panagiotis Nioras,
The church censer and oil lamp I ordered from you arrived today and I want to say how beautiful and well made the articles are..
I look forward to ordering from you again very



Hi Mr.Nioras

Mr.Takako I.


Hello Mr.Nioras
I have received my order with the Greek Incense and am very happy with the qualities you sent me.
Thank you

Mr.Takako I.


Hello Mr,Nioras
I have received my order and am very happy with the insence qualities you sent me.

Fr. Joseph C.


Glory to Jesus Christ!
The silver icons arrived here yesterday and they are very nice. Since the siver framing is inlaid on the black the theotokos and Christ icons do not look as big as I was worried about and I think that they will work out fine in the church.
Thank you once again for your good service and items.

Mr. Zenonas K.


Dear Panayiotis Nioras,
Many thanks for my parcel. It arrived yesterday and all the books are in excellent condition.
Once again thank you for your good service.
God Bless you all

Mrs Patricia H.


Dear Panagiotis Nioras.I just received my order delivered to my home. The icon was very well packed. Thank you for your secure, prompt and professional service. Yiasou

Mrs Rita


Hello Dear friends in I received my silver icon this morning--complete as ordered. Thank you for taking care of my order. Rita

Mrs Maria Pant.


Dear Mr. Nioras, I received my package yesterday.
I love the martirika and the icons! They are beautiful.

Father Alexander


Alethos Anesti!
Yes, thank you, we received everything in good order. Thank you for your follow up.
We will be back in contact soon to order more charcoal and some incense.

Sophia R.


He is Risen!! Dear Panagiotis Nioras, the goods were delivered to the church with no problems. Thank you for sending the red egg dye, it came at the best time. The vigil lamps are beautiful. Our priest blesses the bookstore icons and lamps etc, before I put them in the bookstore to sell. I was surprised that they all came back without one or two missing...
...I like your church supply products and I appreciate you and your staff working with me. I will be ordering from you again in the future.

Tatiana K.


Dear Mr.Nioras
The package with the Byzantine Wedding Crowns,came on Saturday, everything is perfect.
Thank you again!

Tatiana K.


Christ is Risen! Christos Anesti!
I have a customer who urgently needs a set of the gold wedding crowns,
P.S. My father absolutely LOVED the custom gospel.
Thank you so much!

Peter S.


I have already received fantastically nice engolpion.
I am very happy I bought impressive church supply in your store and after audience granted by His Eminence The Most Reverend Despotis Jan, Archishop of Presov, Head of Orthodox Church in Slovakia I will send you photo from it as well as interpret you ideas of His Eminence to your work.
With my best wishes,

Mr Daniel A.


Dear Mr Panagiotis Nioras!
I would just like to say that the pectoral cross I have ordered from you has arived today. I can not describe how pleased I am with it. Thank You for the finest cross I ever have seen!

Fr.Joseph C.


Glory to Jesus Christ!
Dear Mr. Nioras, I think that you will remember me. It was my English text that we had so much trouble getting through customs. The Gospel book is very beautiful and we at St. Philip are very proud that God's word is so wonderfully bound. You can see it at our web site at
You will also see the beautiful fans that we got from you also. I write because we now would like to purchase a pair of altar table oil lamps.
Thank you and God bless you. Fr. Joseph

Mrs Valerie


Dear Panagiotis, Just wanted to inform you that the 2 beautiful icons arrived today! Thank you!

Mr George K.


Hello from Canada. I just read the Odyssey Magazine for the month and noticed your advertisement. It looks great. The website is terrific as well. I hope everyone is well. Hugs and kisses to all.

Mr. Rastko V.


Good day ! Dear Panagiotis Nioras, We (me and my family) just received the 5 bulbs you promised. They work and everything else is just fine this time, as it can be for Serbia... ;) We are admiring your act... It's nice to get some of real "Europe" where it is not (for half of century). When I go to Greece next time I'll sure visit your shop in Athens. Eyharisto !

Mrs. Madeleine


Dear Mr. Nioras I have just received the Icons, for which I thank you. I will be sending you the payment within few days. Thanks and regards

Joe Weiss


Dear Mr Panagiotis Nioras. The Chalice set and Icon arrived today. Both are very beautiful. I want to thank you for your prompt handling and shipping of the order. The transaction went very smoothly. I am forwarding the Chalice set to the Rev. Ihor Koshyk in Chicago as gift for his recent ordination. I know he will be pleased. It was a real pleasure doing business with you. Thank you, Joe Weiss

Savas P.


... I would like to say Thank you Mr Panagiotis. I received my parcel yesterday and It is exactly what I needed for my small chapel. ...

Father Humberto R.


Dear Mr Nioras Today I have receive the order, the Blessing Cross and the Clerics Kalimafhi. Thank`s for your present, and mi congratulations for the quality of the product`s. Blessing`s for you and your job.

Mr.Tamar G.


Dear Panagiotis Nioras,
The parcel with the incense has just arrived. Thank you very much and God bless you. I have donated half to the Institute where I work and left half for myself.
Thank you very much
Yours in Christ

Mr. Stephen


Hi Panagiotis,
The Oil Candles have arrived today, not unpacked completely as yet but on first impressions they are exactly what I wanted & the quality is very good for the price. Thanks again for your prompt action in getting the Lanterns made so quickly for my project.

Serguei A.


... Dear Mr Panagiotis Nioras, I received today the Byzantine Icons I have ordered from your company. All arrived in good order. The Wooden Icons are really beautiful. ...

Father Dionysios


... Dear, please allow me to add a note of gratitude for your excellent service. I have had the privilege of placing serveral orders with your company, and I have always been more than satisfied with your wide and varied selection of items, your prompt communication, and the timely delivery of my order. Thank you again. With prayers for you and yours for a holy Lent and a joyous Pascha. ...

Petros Oh


... Dear Mr. Nioras. Yiasas. I received the parcel yesterday. The oil candle is perfect. Your parcel is excellent. I offer you my heartfelt thanks for your favor. The Cross is so beautiful. Efharisto poli! ...

Kirsty Nunn


... Dear Mr Nioras I would just like to say thank you. I have received my item in perfect condition, great packaging! Took me 10 minutes to open it! I appreciate the reduction in price due to your suggestion about the shipping and I am glad it arrived safely. Many thanx. ...

Deacon Albert Isaac


... Dearest Mr Nioras. Merry Christmas ! Thankyou for sending the Cross to us, as the Bishop was quite pleased when accepting it as a Christmas gift. You done a very good job with the Red Stone in the middle, God Bless ! ...

Ron McIntosh


... Dear Mr.Nioras, I wanted to let your know that our Gospel Cover arrived to day. We are very impressed with your work, and the quality of your product and service! Thank you very much for the help you gave me via E-Mail. We will be proud to recommend you company to any one interested in your product line. ...

Nicholas V.


... THANK you so very very much for the beautiful blessing of the Pectoral Cross!! It is wonderful, and I shall one day wear it as a Priest, and I shall always pray for you! The Anteri is perfect - fits like a glove! The icons are beautiful as usual, and everything in perfect condition. Thank you so much for this. En Christou Nicholas ...

Nicholas V.


... THANK you for the beautiful Cross! It is perfect, and exactly what I needed. Wonderful. With Love in Christ Nicholas ...

Kurt E. D.


... I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to let you know that I received my order very quickly, and could not be more satisfied with the quality and beauty of the akimiton and the Icon of St. Antony. Thank-you for supplying such high quality items-I am very happy with my order! Wishing you all the best ...

Vivienne Bridges


... The icon arrived safely yesterday, and I am very pleased with it. Thank you so much for all your help. Vivienne Bridges ...

Tiziano Trenti


... I have just received your parcel with the Icons. The Pantanassa is really, really wonderful. I can not master my English enough to describe how beautiful it is and how much I love it! Of course, the other two icons are also beautiful, but now I am totally captured from the Pantanassa I have so much wished for. God bless you, and hope we can deal again soon. All the best, Tiziano ...

Ollie Spencer, Sr


... I received the lamp and I am very pleased. Thank You ...

Mak Vincent


... I have been received the Gospel Book. Very Beautiful!!! Thanks a lot Regards, Vincent ...

Kitty Todorovich-Eppard


... We received the Cross yesterday. Very nice. Thank you. ...

Popadija Tatiana


... Hello! My shipment came today and I am just thrilled with those wedding crowns. They came out absolutely beautiful. Thank you! ...

Glikeria L.


... just wanted to let you know that I received the correct icon today. Thank you very much for your assitance. I cannot wait to give this to my mom.........she will be very excited ...

Roxann A.


... I received the package yesterday. Thank you. Everything is beautiful. ...

Jorge de M.


... We just receive the new merchandise. As always it is extraordinary ...

Savas P.


... I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided. I received my parcel with the Byzantine Wedding crowns, and they are Beautiful. ...

Father Stavros R.


... The Roussos wines arrived just in time for our soiree and were a big hit! Thank you so very much for taking your time to ensure their prompt delivery. ...

Lori Jacobson


... Hello, I want to thank you for your quick shipment of this order.
It arrived today in the U.S.A on 10/6, three days after being shipped from Greece. I was very surprised and pleased with the quick arrival. ...

Constance Plomaritis-Sanchez


... I received the 3 pins today in the mail which I recently ordered, and I would like to thank you very much for such beautiful items!!! I live in Texas and we have a small Greek community and Greek Orthodox church. I was so happy to have been able to order these without even leaving my home!! I have also placed an order for several icons for my children. I look forward to receiving them in the near future. ...

Sergey Zelensky


... I've received today my order. Thank you very much. It's amazing! I definitely will return on your website. With best wishes to all of you at ...

Fr. John


... The beautiful icon of "The Dormition of the Mother of God" arrived safely and I am extremely satisfied. God bless you. ...



... Hi I want to let you know the package has arrived safe and sound. These are beautiful icons.. ...

Popadija Tatiana Katanic


... I recieved my order last week and everything is beautiful! I hope to order more again soon. Thanks again for your beautiful, high-quality products and quick service! ...




Eve Swaffer


... My order arrived here in England this morning. I must praise you on your extremely prompt and satisfactory service, if only all companies were as efficient as yours. Many many thanks. ...

Ross Cooper


... Well, after I had sent my first message earlier today, I returned home and found a very large parcel left at my doorstep! So the icon arrived, and in perfect shape... there may have been some delay due to U.S. Customs, as the documents pouch seems to have been inspected. The icon is wonderfully beautiful - I had not expected such a fine piece for such a small price. It is indeed a work of art, and a worthy tribute to the Holy New-Martyr Angelis! Thank you again for your concern and help. I am very glad that the package arrived, and I am sorry if it caused you any trouble. Thank you again, for excellent service and for this beautiful icon! ...



... I look forward to receiving the icons I ordered. I was very pleased with the icon of St. Andrew that I ordered for my godson. I had it blessed for 40 days in the church and gave it to him. It is now hanging in his room. Thank you for your fine work. ...

Dr. Pennington


... Thank you so very much for tracing the icon I ordered. It arrived today, very carefully packed, and more beautiful than ever I imagined. I look forward to ordering other items from you at a later date. Happy Valentine's Day and may God bless you richly. ...

Kurt D.


... I am E-mailing you to say thank you for your prompt and kind reply to a problem I was having with my password. everything is working fine now! I would like to compliment your fine company for your prompt assistance and on the excellent selection of products that you sell. It is always a pleasure doing business with your company. your products are a real blessing in my spiritual life! ...

Basil Chua


... The icon arrived safely on Monday. It is more than a week ahead of scheduled delivery. I\'m really impressed with the icon quality. It is beautiful. And I thank you for the prompt and excellent service you\'ve rendered. ...

Roger V. Foss


... Dear Mr Panagiotis Nioras my pkg arrived today, & I am very pleased buying from, I tried your sample of incense, & would like to know if this type is for sale. Thanks for the quick delivery! ...



... Just a quick "Thank You" for responding to my email so quickly. I appreciate your help and the information you sent me. ...

Kostas C.


... I received my order the day before Christmas. It was in perfect condition and I thank you for getting it here before the 25th. Your company's service is just as good as your product's quality. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with your firm again in the future. ...

Kyra S.


... I've received the icons. All arrived safely and undamaged. Thank you very much for taking such care in your shipping methods. Best wishes for the holidays. ...

Lisa Sergienko


... Dear Mr Nioras I received my Icon order last week in excellent condition! I ordered from your Wooden Icon collection. When I took them to church this weekend to be blessed, my priest first reaction was asking me if they were hand written. They are that fine a quality.
Most of the Icons from U.S. suppliers are laminated on wood without the gold background and hand written saint name on them. ...
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