Απόστολος Ιάκωβος, γιός του Ζεβεδαίου

Απόστολος Ιάκωβος, γιός του Ζεβεδαίου
Iconographer: Liondas Chr.
Commemorates on: April 30
James was one of the Twelve, like his brother John (celebrated on Sept. 26), whom the Lord called "Sons of Thunder," because they became great preachers and because of their profound theology. It was the Saints boldness in preaching the Gospel that Herod Agrippa, the son of Aristobulus and grandson of Herod the Great, could not endure, and so he took him into custody during the days of the Passover, and slew him with the sword (Acts 12: 1-2); and thus he drank the cup of which the Saviour had spoken to him prophetically (Matt. 20:23). As for Herod, the following year he went down to Caesarea, and, as the Acts of the Apostles records: "Upon a set day, Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, and made an oration" to the elders of Tyre and Sidon; and the flatterers that surrounded him "gave a shout, saying, it is the voice of a god, and not of a man. And immediately an Angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory; and" like his grandfather (see Dec. 29) "he was eaten of worms and gave up the spirit" (Acts 12:21-23)

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No.4550-60 Size: 6x9cm / 2,30x3,50in0.2 kg$5.93USD
No.4550-50 Size: 10x16cm / 4,00x6,00in0.25 kg$7.35USD
No.4550-40 Size: 15x19cm / 5,90x7,50in0.4 kg$12.49USD
No.4550-30 Size: 18x24cm / 7,10x9,50in0.7 kg$17.11USD
No.4550-20 Size: 24x30cm / 9,50x12,00in0.9 kg$22.36USD
No.4550-10 Size: 27x38cm / 10,50x15,00in1.8 kg$32.76USD
No.4545-30 Size: 40x50cm / 16x19,50in4 kg$135.44USD
No.4545-20 Size: 50x70cm / 19,50x27,50in5 kg$180.44USD
No.4540-50 Size: 10x14cm / 3,90x5,50in
with framed wood
0.3 kg$7.87USD
No.4540-40 Size: 14x18cm / 5,50x7,10in
with framed wood
0.45 kg$14.80USD
No.4540-30 Size: 18x24cm / 7,10x9,50in
with framed wood
0.75 kg$20.58USD
No.4540-20 Size: 22x30cm / 8,60x11,80in
with framed wood
0.95 kg$26.98USD
No.4540-00 Size: 35x45cm / 13,80x17,70in
with framed woo
2.8 kg$47.77USD
No.4535-30 Size: 40x50cm / 15,75x19,70in
with framed wood
4.5 kg$215.44USD
No.4535-20 Size: 50x70cm / 19,70x27,55in
with framed wood
6 kg$245.44USD

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