Iconographer: Vranos
Commemorates on: April 25
Mark was an idolater from Cyrene of Pentapolis, which is near Libya. Having come to the Faith of Christ through the Apostle Peter. he followed him to Rome. While there. at the prompting of Peter himself and at the request of the Christians living there. he wrote his Gospel in Greek. and it is second in order after Matthews. Afterwards, travelling to Egypt. he preached the Gospel there and was the first to establish the Church in Alexandria. The idolaters, unable to bear his preaching, seized him, bound him with ropes, and dragged him through the streets until he, cut to pieces on rocks, gave up his soul. It is said that he completed his life in martyrdom about the year 68. He is depicted in holy icons with a lion next to him, one of the living creatures mentioned by Ezekiel (1:10). and a symbol of Christs royal office, as Saint Irenaeus of Lyons writes.

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No.4550-60 Size: 6x9cm / 2,30x3,50in0.2 kg$5.94USD
No.4550-50 Size: 10x16cm / 4,00x6,00in0.25 kg$7.36USD
No.4540-50 Size: 10x14cm / 3,90x5,50in
with framed wood
0.3 kg$7.88USD
No.4550-40 Size: 15x19cm / 5,90x7,50in0.4 kg$12.50USD
No.4540-40 Size: 14x18cm / 5,50x7,10in
with framed wood
0.45 kg$14.81USD
No.4550-30 Size: 18x24cm / 7,10x9,50in0.7 kg$17.12USD
No.4540-30 Size: 18x24cm / 7,10x9,50in
with framed wood
0.75 kg$20.59USD
No.4550-20 Size: 24x30cm / 9,50x12,00in0.9 kg$22.37USD
No.4540-20 Size: 22x30cm / 8,60x11,80in
with framed wood
0.95 kg$26.99USD
No.4550-10 Size: 27x38cm / 10,50x15,00in1.8 kg$32.77USD
No.4540-00 Size: 35x45cm / 13,80x17,70in
with framed woo
2.8 kg$47.78USD
No.4545-30 Size: 40x50cm / 16x19,50in4 kg$135.45USD
No.4545-20 Size: 50x70cm / 19,50x27,50in5 kg$180.45USD
No.4535-30 Size: 40x50cm / 15,75x19,70in
with framed wood
4.5 kg$215.45USD
No.4535-20 Size: 50x70cm / 19,70x27,55in
with framed wood
6 kg$245.45USD

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