Athanasios the Great

Athanasios the Great
Silver icon 950 degrees proof.
The images are hand painted.
Metal Size : 16cm x 22cm
The icon has been specially coated and treated not to change during time.

Commemorates on: January 18
He was born in Alexandria about the year 296. He received an excellent training in Greek letters and especially in the sacred Scriptures. Saint Alexander, the Archbishop of Alexandria, brought him up in piety, ordained him his deacon, and, after deposing Arius for his blasphemy against the Divinity of the Son of God, took Athanasius to the First Council in Nicaea in 325; Saint Athanasius was to spend the remainder of his life labouring in defence of this holy Council. In 326, before his death, Alexander appointed Athanasius his successor. The great Athanasius passed the remaining seven years of his life in peace. Saint Athanauus wrote the life of Saint Anthony the Great, with whom he spent time in his youth; ordained Saint Frumentius first Bishop of Ethiopia; and in his Paschal Encyclical for the year 367 set forth the books of the Old and New Testaments accepted by the Church as canonical.

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