Orthodox Clerics Kalimavkion

Orthodox Clerics Kalimavkion
Orthodox Clerics Kalimafhi.
In the Greek tradition, monks wear a simple black kalimavkion, covered by a black veil (epanokalimavkion), but ordained clergy (both married and monastic) wear a kalimavkion with a flattened conical brim at the top. Hierodeacons (monastic deacons) remove the veil when they vest for services, but hieromonks (monastic priests) do not. In the Greek tradition, nuns do not normally wear a kalimavkion, but rather just the veil.

For the measurments is very imporant to have the top head's perimeter.
During the checkout process there is a comments text box where you should complete the above measurements.
Calculating Your Own Hat Size.
To calculate your metric (European) hat size a measurement of the head circumference should be taken in centimeters. This is best achieved by passing a cloth tape measure around the head. Alternatively a piece of string may be used and measured against a ruler or tape measure. It is important that this measurement is taken where a hat would normally rest. To take a measurement position the tape measure or string so that it rests just above the brow at the front of the head, touching the top of the ears at the side. Pull the tape so that is taut but not too tight and take a measurement.

Size No.56 - Outer Perimeter 56cm - Inner Perimeter 53cm
Size No.57 - Outer Perimeter 57cm - Inner Perimeter 54cm
Size No.58 - Outer Perimeter 58cm - Inner Perimeter 55cm
Size No.59 - Outer Perimeter 59cm - Inner Perimeter 56cm
Size No.60 - Outer Perimeter 60cm - Inner Perimeter 57cm
Size No.61 - Outer Perimeter 61cm - Inner Perimeter 58cm
Size No.62 - Outer Perimeter 62cm - Inner Perimeter 59cm
Size No.63 - Outer Perimeter 63cm - Inner Perimeter 60cm
Size No.64 - Outer Perimeter 64cm - Inner Perimeter 61cm
Size No.65 - Outer Perimeter 65cm - Inner Perimeter 62cm
Size No.66 - Outer Perimeter 66cm - Inner Perimeter 63cm
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