Proskomidia Spear Lance for Holy Communion Bread with White Bone Hilt 16cm long with Cross

Hand Made Ecclesiastical Lance with Hilt made from bone.
The Holy Lance (German: Heilige Lanze),
also known as the Holy Spear, Spear of Destiny, Lance of Longinus, or Spear of Longinus,
is the name given to the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross, according to the Gospel of John.

The Asterisk in Greek: Αστερίσκον, asteriskon, or Star-cover from the Greek αστήρ,astêr, meaning star, is one of the holy vessels used in the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox and Greek-Catholic Churches.
The asterisk symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem.
Size : 16cm long
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