What do you know ABOUT ICONS?

What do you know ABOUT ICONS?
An Esthetic, Historical and Theological Approach to the icons of the Orthodox Church in the form of Questions and Answers.
ISBN: 9608447070
Size: 17x27
Pages: 206
Cover : Hard Cover
Contents :
Translator's Note viii
Prologue xi
I. regarding icons 1
1. An Evangelical Language 6
2. A Liturgical Language 8
3. A Hymnographic Language 8
4. A Saintly and Patristic Language 8
5. A Dogmatic Language 9
6. A Pedagogical Language 9
7. An Ecclesiastical Language 10
II. the semantic and esthetic of the icon 13
1. Stylization 16
2. Moderation 18
3. Differentiation (Distortion or Abstraction) 19
4. Exaggeration 20
III. the icons of the naos 67
1. The Dogmatic Cycle 70
2. The Liturgical Cycle 77
3. The Festal-Historical Cycle 80
IV. contemporary hagiographers and icons 97
V. questions regarding the technique and history of iconography 107
1. The Nine Stages of Icon Drawing 113
2. The Sources of Byzantine Iconography 116
3. The Historical Periods of Byzantine Iconography 120
Iconography of the First Centuries to the Iconoclastic Controversy 121
Iconography During the Years of the Iconoclastic Controversy 130
The Iconography of the Macedonians and Comnenans: the Middle Byzantine Period 130
The Iconography of the Paleologan Renaissance: the Post-Byzantine Period 132
VI. theological questions 149
Epilogue 181
Endnotes 183
Prayers 191
Glossary 194
Select Bibliography 197
Index 198

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